Short Synopsis

Lucy, 15, blames her mother for her father leaving them for a 24 year-old blonde. When she finds out her crush at school likes blondes, she dyes her hair to get the attention of both men.

long Synopsis

Lucy, a pretty brunette 15 year-old, is having a hard time dealing with the fact that her father left her mother for a much younger, and blonder, woman. When Lucy finds out her crush at school likes blondes, she decides to dye her hair so he will like her. But her dyeing job doesn’t work so well and her crush’s girlfriend humiliates her. While she is feeling awful, her English teacher opens up her eyes to her writing talent. She will realize that her mother is the one there for her, and that her father leaving was neither hers nor her mother’s fault.


As a woman, I know we are bombarded by media coverage telling us how to look and how to act. Magazines put out articles of how to lose weight in a week or how to satisfy your man. When we are young, those images are more likely to influence us, and a lot of times in a bad way. They ‘teach’ us how to change ourselves to be liked and admired by other people, which shouldn’t be a goal in itself. The people who surround us – our family, friends and colleagues – also influence us. We look up to and imitate others, but sometimes that can be destructive.


In this film Lucy decides to change the color of her hair in order to get what she wants, in order to be the person she thinks she wants to be. But changing your appearance doesn’t fix all yours problems. And how you look is not what determines who you are.


I want to empower young girls to accept and love themselves, to value who they are and the people who like them for that. To learn to find happiness in all spheres of life, not only romantic love. 

Born in Cascavel, Brasil, Luisa Novo graduated in Cinema from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, spending a semester at NYU in 2008 in the Film Studies department. In 2011 she relocated to Los Angeles to continue her education at the New York Film Academy and UCLA, earning certificates in Producing and Business and Management of Entertainment and an MFA in Filmmaking.


She has directed a number of short films both in Brazil and the US, focusing on stories from a female perspective and themes like self-image and self worth. She is interested in the struggles women go through arising from the social standards and pressures society puts on them.

writer/DIRECTOR luisa novo's bio
writer/DIRECTOR luisa novo's bio
Maitlyn pezzo - lucy

Maitlyn Pezzo found her love of acting at 4 years old in several regional theaters. She immediately took theater classes ranging from improvisation to Shakespeare. At the age of 10, she was discovered by a Hollywood agent. Since then, Maitlyn has guest starred in the television series, "Rizzoli and Isles," "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn,” "Clash of Karts" and was the lead role in several other independent films besides “Becoming Lucy”.


Born in New York and raised in Florida, Maitlyn currently lives in Los Angeles and participates in several acting classes a week. In her free time she enjoys tennis, writing, chess, running, hanging out with her friends and taking impromptu trips to Disneyland. Maitlyn is 17 years old and recently graduated from high school a year early. She is looking forward to spending the extra time on reaching that dream role. Until then, she simply adores acting and is on stage or on set whenever possible. Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Maitlyn thrives on learning every aspect of this exciting industry.


Heather Dowling is an actress and writer who has impersonated someone who wanted a “real job” since the age of 14. In 2012, she shifted all of her attention to her artistic calling. She was thrilled to be part of the team to bring “Becoming Lucy” to life last year. In 2015, Dowling’s one woman show, “Unemployed. Finally.” premiered in the Hollywood Fringe Festival with  6 sold-out performances, directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson. She took home the Encore Producers’ Award and was nominated for Best Solo-Performance - out of more than 80 solo-shows. Last fall, Dowling brought “Unemployed. Finally.” to 42nd Street, New York City for United Solo, the largest solo festival in the world and was then invited to the stage for the 24th Annual Los Angeles Women’s Festival, March 2017. Dowling is currently represented by the Jana Luker Agency in Los Angeles, CA. Learn more about her at

technical specifications

Short Film Drama

Running time: 13:44 min

Date of Completion: February 2017

Shooting Format: 5K

Exhibition Format: 1920x1080 or 2K

Aspect Ratio: 2:35

Sound Format: Stereo or 5:1

Language: English


    Lucy                                 Maitlyn Pezzo

      Mary                              Heather Dowling 

 Bianca                                  Sarah Best

 Natasha                                Emily Boyle

       Jordan                            Octavio Rodriguez

        Erica                               Jessica Castello

 Mr. Hopper                              Cody Derr

       Amanda                            Hannah Dannelly

      Gabrielle                             Kirsten Hansen

      Michael                              Todd Dunlavey

            Melanie                        Mathilde Paréja Olivi  


  Writer/Director                               Luisa Novo

         Producer                                  Pipo Wagner

          Producer                                 Daniela Shaw

             Co-Producer                              Lidia Damatto     

Director of photography                   James Wilson

    Production Designer                    Pierre Beaufrand

Makeup and Wardrobe                     Flavia Vieira

     1st Assistant Director                   Alvaro Barragan

         Sound Mixer                              Matias Piegari

   Script Supervisor                            Iylia M. Idris

             Gaffer                                     Xavier Gomez

      Supervising Sound Editor            Alexander Verbitskiy

               Foley Artist                             Anatoly Bochkarev

            Colorist                                       Ben Bowen 

    1st Assistant Camera                     Nick Sandoval

     2nd Assistant Camera                   Scott Hainchek

 Additional Assistant Camera              Octavio Estrada

              Best Boy Electric                    Anthony Armstrong

Additional Production Designer             Deja Gordon

        Additional Sound Mixer                 Daniel Hernandez

     Assistant Makeup Artist                 Raquel dos Reis

                          Grips                                        Diego Nava             

                                                                         Rafael Nani          

                                                               Ben Bowen

          Art Production Assistants                   Melanie Wick          

                                                                Hala Abouchakra

       Production Assistants                    Emily Scottgale

                                                                  Alexander Biktogirov

                                                                 Evelyn Landow

                                                                 Alejandra Cabuya

             BTS Photographers/DMTs               Vladislav Nikitin         

                                                                  Stefano Matteo